Saturday, 28 July 2007

NO SEW Wallhanging Materials List

No Sew Wallhanging

This REALLY is just the easiest finish with absolutely no anybody afraid of finishing or who can't sew can have a go at this one with no fears at all :)

The Materials List is as follows:

1. Your Stitched piece any small size design will do, I stitched a cross-stitch border around my stitched area for easiness in finishing. With linen trimmed to within 2 inches or 5 cm of stitched area border ( we will leave a generous allowance that can always be reduced if needed)

2. A fabric square 6 inches or 16cm bigger than stitched piece on all sides. I used a cotton fabric for my backing.

3. 1 yard or 1 metre of cording, I used shop bought but you can make your own co-ordinating twisted cording. You can also use ribbon instead, if you prefer to.

4. 4 buttons which are optional for each corner.

5. Fusible Interfacing / Iron on Vilene enough for both stitched piece and your backing fabric.

6. Wonderweb / Fusible Web / Iron on Hemming Tape.


The tools required are:

1. Ironing Board.

2. Iron.

3. Clean towel for pressing on ironing board.

4. Scissors or Shears.

5. Pins.

6. A tapemeasure or a ruler for precise measuring.

This really must be one of the easiest, fun, fast, finishing projects and absolutely anyone will definately be able to do this without any worries. Even without any prior finishing skills, you will be able to do this :) So stitch a wee design, gather your supplies and have a go, you will be glad you did :)